STV News Tonight - a UK first

STV News Tonight was the UK's first integrated news programme. The nightly 7pm show combined Scottish, UK and International news, in one programme. 

It covered stories that interest Scottish audiences, stripping out the national news stories that don't affect Scottish audiences

Halla was the lead anchor of the show, bringing her international experience and outlook to the programme. Among the stories covered: the Barcelona Terror Attacks, the North Korean nuclear tests, the Chinese President's power grab, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the Donald Trump Presidency, and the famine in South Sudan. All coverage aimed specifically at Scottish audiences.




Behind the Scenes

This is the UK's first integrated news programme. To give insight into how this ground-breaking new programme is made, the team brought cameras in behind the scenes, for a day in the life of STV News Tonight.

Chinese Politics

Using the graphics wall, the team were able to explain the context behind the Xi Jinping "power grab". Additional analysis comes from an expert commentator in the US. 

Nuclear reactor shutdown

The STV News Tonight graphics wall is helpful when explaining issues and topics, to go behind the headlines. Here the team look at the scale of nuclear power  in Scotland, and how a reactor shutdown will impact energy output across the country.

Twitter Debate

On the tenth anniversary of Twitter, STV News Tonight expanded its coverage of the story by hosting a studio debate, discussing how toxic - or not - the platform is for women.

Northern Ireland and Brexit

Brexit is one of the defining topics of the news agenda, and the Irish question is particularly pressing. On the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday agreement, the team brought in one of the architects of the deal to see what happens next.

Great Get Together

Jo Cox's sister appeared on the show, to talk about efforts to expand the community event "the Great Get Together"