Thank goodness for strong women like Halla Mohieddeen

With her striking appearance and commanding presence, [Halla] Mohieddeen remains as memorable as the detail of the night's events reaching SBS viewers, in a live TV feed from half a world away, were horrific.

— Alan Ramsey, Sydney Morning Herald

Halla is already proving a big hit with viewers 

- Sunday Post

“compelling and full of energy"

I've had the pleasure to work with Halla for several years as a producer, and she's the best presenter one can hope for. Passionate and knowledgeable about international affairs, compelling and full of energy on air, ready to improvise when necessary but also very careful to get her facts straight. Not to mention that she was always in a good mood and ready to crack a joke, even when our shift started at 3 in the morning!

— Michele Barbero, France 24


“An editor's ideal presenter”

Halla’s energy and enthusiasm shines through in her presenting. 
She combines warmth with authority - a tricky combination to get right - and her personality breaks right through the camera lens to connect very directly with her audience.
She works incredibly hard, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to fight to get it.
She’s a story getter, never short of ideas for every edition of the programme and her international experience was of enormous benefit to the newsroom team at STV News.
She’s calm on air - even when all hell is breaking loose behind the scenes. In short, an editor’s ideal presenter!

—  Simon Waldman, Launch Editor and Media Consultant

"A Force to be reckoned with"

I doubt that there has been a more dynamic, passionate, committed, creative and ambitious force to be reckoned with.  Halla will fight for what she believes in and is never afraid to reach for the stars... always challenging us to think bigger and better.
Her RTS Scotland nomination for ‘On Screen Personality’ is very well-deserved. 

— Nicki McCourt, STV Producer

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“a broadcast pro”

Halla is a broadcast pro: she has great on-air presence and is adept at getting to grips with a variety of stories in a short time frame. We worked together through major news events including Brexit, and I found her to be a confident anchor, well able to handle a fast-developing breaking story.

— Stephen Carroll, France 24 Business Editor

“An absolute joy to work with”

Halla is extremely confident and shows great initiative in dealing with breaking news scenarios. She’s also able to project her warm personality to audiences. A winning combination for a Television presenter. 
Halla is an absolute joy to work with.

— Sanam Shantyaei, France 24


"She set the bar for others to follow"

Halla was highly regarded by everyone for being very skilled, professional, and efficient in her work, and good fun to work with. She set the bar for others to follow.

- Darryl Snow, CCTV